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Research Image Preview: wHealth is an interactive storytelling application designed for the Health 2.0 developer challenge sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation: games to generate data challenge. wHealth is an interactive storytelling application that can provide insight into a user's willingness to pay for health care, provide insight into how quality information, such as that included in AF4Q, influences a user's decision to seek care, and compare aggregate rates or perform subgroup analyses, i.e. gender/age/income differences in what factors are most important.

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I am currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Villanova University. I graduated with a Ph.D. in 2013 from the IDEA Lab at Lehigh University supervised by Dr. Xiaolei Huang. My current research interests are image processing, computer vision, computer game design and development, computer graphics, and high performance computing. Here are some of the major projects I am working on...


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Email: edward (DOT) kim@villanova (DOT) edu