About me

I am currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Drexel University. I graduated with a Ph.D. in 2013 from the IDEA Lab supervised by Dr. Sharon Xiaolei Huang. My current research interests are computer vision, sparse coding, neuromorphic computing, and multimodal machine learning. I recieved an NSF CAREER award in 2019.

Recent News

September 2020 - I’ll be teaching the grad level CS 613 Machine Learning class at Drexel for the Fall Term.
September 2020 - Welcome Maryam Daniali, Daniel Schwartz, Andrew O’Brien, and Nicki Barari to the SPARSE Lab!
August 2020 - We were funded by the Drexel’s Rapid Response Research Fund for a project to investigate racial bias in machine learning!
August 2020 - I’ll be a Provost Fellow for the Drexel Solutions Institute 2020-2022.
June 2020 - The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funded our COVID-19 digital platform proposal!
May 2020 - Our paper, Learning Spiking Neural Network Models of Drosophila Olfaction, was accepted at ICONS 2020.
February 2020 - Our paper, Modeling Biological Immunity to Adversarial Examples, was accepted at CVPR 2020.
February 2020 - Our paper, Using Sinusoidally-Modulated Noise as a Surrogate for Slow-Wave Sleep to Accomplish Stable Unsupervised Dictionary Learning in a Spike-Based Sparse Coding Models, was accepted at CVPR-W 2020.
February 2020 - I’ll be the Co-Chair of Computer Vision at ISVC 2020.
January 2020 - I’ll be teaching the grad level CS 613 Machine Learning class at Drexel for the Winter Term.
September 2019 - I’ve joined Drexel University as an Associate Professor of Computer Science! Jocelyn Rego will be joining the SPARSE Lab as a PhD student!
April 2019 - My presentation at NICE 2019 has been posted. See it in the portfolio section.
February 2019 - I was awarded an NSF CAREER award for work in neuro-inspired machine learning!

Academic Lab

I run the SPARSE (SPiking And Recurrent SoftwarE) Coding Lab @ Drexel University. This lab is inspired by breakthroughs in computational and theoretical neuroscience that incorporate ideas not explored by current feed-forward deep learning architectures.

You can visit my lab page here SPARSE Lab


You can contact me via email edward(dot)kim826(at)drexel(dot)edu